African Mela 2014

23/11/2010 22:11


The Youth Film Development presents a feast of fun opening doors and welcoming over 100,000 enthusiastic citizens to “African Mela”. A unique event providing an opportunity for KZN citizens to trade socialize & experience the true diverse cultural heritage of South Africa. The event will be open to all ages and all cultural backgrounds providing cross cultural entertainment, shopping & cuisine.


Audiences will be treated to over 18 Full Live Productions during the 10 day period which will be the hi-lite of the Expo, featuring different elements of our diverse cultural heritage. Each production will showcase various T.V/Film Personalities included with highly talented candidates from the Youth Film Development Project. They will also enjoy over 150 exhibitors from KZN, JHB, Cape Town and will have the opportunity to experience a variety of traditional clothes, cuisine, & products from all cultural backgrounds.


Describe immediate next steps to gain approval of this initiative and obtain required funding for the resources identified (e.g., BTEP information session to help executives understand the process).



Date: March/April 2014

Full Proposal & Budget Available upon request.