Sebenza Campaign 2014

23/11/2010 22:08


The Youth Film Development Project in association with Dancekool S.A launches its initiative called the “Sebenza Campaign” aimed at giving job opportunities to disadvantaged South African youth from rural sectors.



The “Sebenza Campaign” will offer an opportunity to disadvantaged talented performers from rural backgrounds to showcase their talent during this ceremonious event (Fifa 2010) while keeping the tradition of South Africa.  These performers will each be strategically placed in a group at different roads surrounding the Stadium of the specific match and will provide professional traditional South African entertainment. This entertainment will show the spirit of South Africa & will showcase the beauty of our country’s heritage during this auspicious period.


 Over 3000 disadvantaged performers will be chosen from each area giving various areas opportunities. Instructors will move around and have all groups ready prior to the event.



Date: June 2014

Full Proposal & Budget Available upon request.