How does it work?

School of Performing Arts is a verticle of the Youth Film Development Project.

We have a hosts of highly professional instructors including Singers, Actors, Dancers etc, working with the King of Entertainment Rajiv Mothie enuring all talent are groomed for production.

The core focus of S.P.A is confidence building & life orientation as the objective is to develope future leaders.

Why should you JOIN School of Performing Arts

1. To get leadership skills & develope confidence

2. Improve your TALENT

3. Get Massive exposure(Radio/T.V/Film)

4. Get Trained by Professionals in the Industry

5. Perform in Massive Events

6. Have the oppurtunity to TOUR the WORLD once you QUALIFY

7. Start earning an income from the industry once you HIT the RANKS with

8. Work with Celebrity's

9. Be part of the Youth Film Development Project Database

10. Most importantly you will be doing something you LOVE, therefore you NEVER work a DAY in your life.


Read some of the feedback below from some of our current students and what they think of School of Performing Arts: