Paid Surveys

24/11/2010 00:32

I tried one of those paid survey sites about 4 months ago. They

all say the only thing you have to do is take some time out of

your day to fill out a few surveys and you can make hundreds each



YEAH RIGHT, I didn't make anything.


I must have joined like 6 of those websites and actually tried

filling out a couple of surveys on each site. They took forever!

And to top it off, at the end they wanted me to buy something to

complete the survey.


Those are complete scams so beware! I was shocked that they were

even allowed to sell such products on the internet.


But about 1 week ago, while watching the new, I noticed they had

some vice presidents and marketing managers of some large multi

million dollar companies talking about a site that they personally

work with to pay consumers for their opinion -- a site that

actually just wants the honest opinions of the "average Joe" about

their products and services and is willing to pay big money to get



I decided to give this site a try. It is the only one I have ever

seen that actually leads you to real paid survey sites. I made

almost $100 in my first day just filling out 3 simple surveys.


This is the only legitimate survey site aggregator online, so if

you're interested in making good decent money every day day just

by giving your opinions then make sure you check this out.


P.S. If you don't make any money in your first week, they have a

3 month refund policy so just get your money back! It's definitely

worth a try!