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Youth Development MAGAZINE LAUNCH

09/11/2013 19:29
We will also be releasing a MAGAZINE, focusing on various S.A Talent & POSITIVE Development.   With VIP Ticket Giveways & HOT NEWS...   LAUNCH DATE: FEB 2014
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Youth Development TV SHOW

09/11/2013 19:26
We will be launching a TV Show, hi-lighting the various amazing talent recruited from the non profit Youth Film Development Project.   Watch press for details....   Launch Date: June 2014
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Internet TV

24/11/2010 00:40
Press here to watch over 2,000 world wide TV channels on your PC:   Here is some more information about this new way to watch television:   1) All of the programming is uncensored!   2) There are hundreds of channels...
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24/11/2010 00:38
Someone sent you the new iPhone 4!    Press here if you want a new iPhone 4-details apply:     First Come. First Served.   *Participation required Cellular service not included. Offer refers to 16 GB Apple...
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CPA Affiliate Marketig

24/11/2010 00:35
Hi Friend,   Have you ever heard of CPA marketing before?   If not, it's a new innovative method to making easy income online.   CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action ... and basically means you get paid for getting web visitors to perform some kind of action.   A typical action is...
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Paid Surveys

24/11/2010 00:32
I tried one of those paid survey sites about 4 months ago. They all say the only thing you have to do is take some time out of your day to fill out a few surveys and you can make hundreds each day.....    YEAH RIGHT, I didn't make anything.   I must have joined like 6 of those...
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African Mela 2014

23/11/2010 22:11
  The Youth Film Development presents a feast of fun opening doors and welcoming over 100,000 enthusiastic citizens to “African Mela”. A unique event providing an opportunity for KZN citizens to trade socialize & experience the true diverse cultural heritage of South Africa. The event will...
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Afriquewood Movie Shoot

23/11/2010 22:08
This movie will be 1 of its kind, no more will be South Africans be copying but now creating. This movie (name not released) will be the birth of a new fresh genre to hit global circuits. The genre will give South African filmmakers an opportunity not to follow Bollywood, Hollywood or Tollywood but...
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Sebenza Campaign 2014

23/11/2010 22:08
  The Youth Film Development Project in association with Dancekool S.A launches its initiative called the “Sebenza Campaign” aimed at giving job opportunities to disadvantaged South African youth from rural sectors.     The “Sebenza Campaign” will offer an opportunity to...
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Summer Fever 2013

23/11/2010 22:06
 This Summer KZN will be the home to the official launch of new film genre Afriquewood. The Youth Film Development presents a feast of fun opening doors and welcoming over 5000-6000 enthusiastic citizens to “Summer Fever 2013”. A unique event providing an opportunity for KZN citizens to...
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